San Andres School of Masinloc envisions a God-centered dynamic and effective school community.



San Andres School of Masinloc is committed to:

  • Grow continuously in our spiritual, personal, and professional lives
  • Develop competent and caring academic and support personnel for the total formation of our student.
  • Develop self-directed and responsible students who are academically and vocationally equip and ready to serve others; and
  • Produce citizens and leaders who are Maka-Diyos, Maka-Tao, Maka-Buhay, and Maka-Kalikasan.



  • To avail opportunities for an on-going spiritual, personal and professional growth.
  • To keep abreast and get actively involved with current educational, religious, economic , political, socio-cultural, ecological, scientific and technological thrusts, trends and issues.
  • To continuously upgrade and enrich the curriculum to meet the demands for societal moral transformation, academic excellence and vocational-technological aptitude skills which are globally competitive.
  • To establish an integrated Christian formation program which will benefit the entire school community.
  • To establish an effective financial management system to facilitate the realization of the vision, mission, goals of the institution.

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